Master – Business Administration in International Hospitality and Tourism

Master – Business Administration in International Hospitality and Tourism

 The Master program Business Administration in International Hospitality and Tourism, (delivered entirely in English) aims to provide tourism and hospitality industry qualified professionals, able to interact and manage international tourist flows in a sustainable manner. This program emerged from the discussions with partners working in the private sector, which revealed the acute necessity to create and provide a master program, in English, dedicated to first-class education in Business Administration in International Hospitality and Tourism.

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Presentation brochure of the program (small size)

Recommendations from the private sector

“… We support the introduction of the Master program Business Administration in International Hospitality and Tourism, as we constantly search for well-trained personnel in Cluj market… We consider it very important to work with people specialized in business administration, in English, which have been trained in such a Master program and have communication and negotiation skills, sound knowledge of marketing, sales, strategy, innovation and more in tourism and hospitality.” (General manager Grand Hotel Italia *****)

“… The introduction of this Master program is more than welcome because we witness an increasing demand for highly qualified personnel from local and national partners, and, also, for people with higher education in hospitality from our foreign customers.” (Country Manager, Jobs4Hotels Romania)

Curriculum and acquired competencies
We have integrated the recommendations made by representatives of the companies in the sector in the curriculum and thus, the graduates of the Master program Business Administration in International Hospitality and Tourism will acquire:
• negotiation and communication skills
• knowledge of marketing, sales and market studies
• tax concepts, elements of financial analysis at the unit and group levels
• knowledge of the cultural and behavioral differences of international tourists
• notions of innovation and cooperation in tourism
• skills to use specific software programs, the ability to understand the reports generated and the ability to take strategic and tactical decisions
• knowledge of quality certification systems (HACCP) and of procedures that can be implemented to eliminate / reduce risks throughout the process of providing services
• skills in using information, forecasting trends and estimating real and financial flows.

For a complete picture of the skills and competencies gained from attending this Master program, please consult the curricula and the syllabuses:

First year Second year
First semester Second semester First semester Second semester
International tourism marketing Lodging operations and business strategies Cross-cultural competencies and organisational behavior in international  hospitality and tourism IT&C solutions for hospitality and tourism
Economics and politics of international tourism Tourism information systems Entrepreneurship, innovation and development of new tourism products Reports and analysis for decision process
Accounting and financial reporting Forecasting in tourism Business negotiation for hospitality and tourism in sustainability context Elective 3 and 4
(students will choose 2 out of 4 disciplines)Urban tourismCultural tourismForeign language

Organizing guiding activities

Taxation in hospitality and tourism Commecial and insurance contracts in international hospitality and tourism Advanced research and data analysis in hospitality and tourism
Hospitality and tourism sales management Regional planning in tourism Economic and financial analysis in hospitality and tourism Study tour / Internship on Business Administration in international hospitality and tourism
Events management European funds for hospitality and tourism Elective 1 and 2
(students will choose 2 out of 3 disciplines)Supply chain managementPrinciples of consumer behavior in hospitality and tourismService quality management
Estate and facilities management

Opportunities at international level
We aimed to create a high compatibility between the knowledge and skills developed in this program and those of similar masters programs in the universities abroad. Thanks to this and to the advantage of studying in English, our students will be able to enrich their theoretical and practical training at one of the partner faculties that the Faculty of Business has abroad.

Study plans and structures for the academic year 2016-2017

Study plans 2016-2017

First Year 2016-2017

Second Year 2016-2017