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The Faculty of Business welcomes students from all countries!

Choose the specialization you would like to study:

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Students from non-EU countries have to follow a special procedure which is describe in the attached document!!! 

Students from EU countries have to recognise their degree at the Ministry of Education prior to registration (see attached document)

Admission Calendar for September 2015:

  • Registration of students: 07.09.2015 – 13.09.2015
  • English evaluation: At the end of each registration day (Monday – Friday/Saturday – Sunday) starting at 16.00 / 12.00 there will be an exam which will take place at the headquarters of the faculty, Horea Street No. 7.
  • Initial results: 13.09.2015
  • Challenges to the results: 13.09-14.09.2015
  • Confirmation of the obtained place: 14.09-17.09.2015
  • Final results: 17.09.2015

Content of the admission file:

  1. FOR EU STUDENTS: EU citizens that have graduate a High-school in the European Union must recognise their degree prior to the admission at the Faculty of Business! (See attached document) 
  2. Registration form – will be filled in at the moment of the registration
  3. Baccaulareat degree ( or equivalent)
  4. Transcript of records
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Copy of the ID Card or Passport
  7. Medical Certificate
  8. Tow ID-type Photos
  9. Certificate to proove that the candidate is studying at another faculty  - if it is the case.
  10. Registration fee – will be paid at the faculty
  11. For students who have already graduate a bachelor degree – copy of the bachelor degree and diploma supplement

Admission programme:

  • monday – friday:  09.00 – 17.00
  • saturday – sunday: 09.00 – 13.00
Admission criteria:
One of the following options can be selected:
  • 100% the grade from the baccalaureat exam (if the student has not participated at the knowledge contest organised by the faculty / or does not want to take that grade into consideration)
  • 100% the grade from the knowledge contest, only if this grade is above 9,00 
  • 70% the grade from the baccalaureate exam  + 30% grade from the knowledge contest, if the grade is at least equal to 6,00

 Contact person:

Faculty of Business:

Oana Pacurar, email:

Center for International Cooperation:

Corina Todea, email: