PwC Chair

PwC Chair

The PwC Chair: Entrepreneurship and Family Business is the first privately established chair in the Babes-Bolyai University. The chair was launched on the 26th of March 2013 during the event Report on the Romanian Entrepreneur in the presence of the Minister for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Business Environment and Tourism Maria Grapini, Romanian entrepreneurs and academics of Babes-Bolyai University.

The chair consists of both academics and experts from the business environment and is working within the Department of Business. The activity of the chair is supported by PwC Romania.

Objectives of the chair:

  1. Organisation of conferences and open lectures held by experts from PwC Romania and other companies;
  2. Presentation and the debate of studies/analysis’ conducted by PwC (PwC Family Business Survey, PwC Global CEO Survey) or other important players in the economy;
  3. Development of research activities of students and academic with a focus on family business;
  4. Introduction in the curriculum of the masters programs at the Faculty of Business of the following courses: Family Business and Family Business in Tourism => Syllabi will be posted during the academic year 2013-2014;
  5. Organisation of an Exploratory Workshop focused on the issue of Family Business in February 2014.

“This chair is a communication platform and a bridge between academia, society and family businesses.” Assoc.Prof. dr.  Ioan Alin Nistor, Dean of the Faculty of Business

“The Faculty of Business, one of its kind in Romania, was and will always be open to collaboration with business. This Chair, in the way we organised it, will be a bridge between business and academia. We know that there is a gap between the teaching in the university and the business environment. The people that are involved in this chair will offer activities that will create synergies to reduce this deficit.” Assist. Prof. dr. Dragoș Păun, Co-Director PwC Chair: Entrepreneurship and Family Business.

“This chair is not a course in itself but a communication platform and a bridge between academia, society and family businesses. The success of this approach will depend as much on the involvement of Babeş-Bolyai University/Faculty of Business as well as the entrepreneurs and family businesses in Transylvania “Alexandru Medelean, Co-Director of the PwC Chair: Entrepreneurship and Family Business, Director – Leader Integrated services for entrepreneurs and family businesses PwC Romania.


Members of the chair:

Coordinator on behalf of BBU Cluj: Assist. Prof. dr. Dragos Paun

Coordinator on behalf of PwC Romania: Alexandru Medelean


Responsible for activities: Assoc. Prof. dr. Sorin Berinde

Responsible for the module Family Business: Assist. Prof. dr. Larissa Batrancea