Advisory Council

Advisory Council

Like all the world’s great business schools, Transylvania Business School is constantly in contact with the business. Moreover, the great personalities in the business from Cluj – Napoca, Romania and abroad but formed an advisory council that meets biannually and discuss the development strategy of Transylvania Business School.

In this way we want to thank you for that trust in Transylvania Business School and try to support the work of this prestigious institutions of higher education .

Are members on the Advisory Board of Transylvania Business School:

Dorel Nasui , Director General , International Air Radio , United States Amercii

Kees Oosting – Operational Director , CSi Netherlands

Basil Yuga – Country Managing Partner , PricewaterhouseCoopers

Florin Pop – General , EnergoBit Group

Constantin Temptations – CEO, Ciserom

Ioan Filip – CEO, Taparo

Ovidiu Turcu – CEO, Dacia , Cluj – Napoca

Nina Moldovan – General Manager , Hotel City Plaza

Flavius ​​Popa – General Manager , Hotel Premier

Tincuta Apateanu – CEO, Foundation Patriciu

Ioan Popa , CEO, Transavia

Remus Aurel Benta , CEO, Daw Benta

John Quick, CEO, Rombat

Medelean Alexander , Director – Country Leader , Private Company Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Angela Piliughin , Director, Fujikura

Prunean Simon , Director, Grand Hotel Italia

Carmen Socaciu , CEO, Proplanta

Mihaela Turdean , CEO, Charm

Mugur Pop, General Manager, Eco Equestrian Daksa