Double Degree EM Normandie

What happens in the program?

Participants in the program will receive a double degree, a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Faculty of Business and a Bachelor of Arts from Ecole de Management de Normandie.

The Double degree program is available also for students at master level which will receive at the end of the program a master’s degree from the Faculty of Business and one from EM Normandie

Who can participate?

Students from the Bachelor of Business Administration (Romanian and English) from the Faculty of Business and Bachelor of International Management program at Ecole de Management de Normandie. The students of the Faculty of Business must have completed the first two years of study and obtained a minimum of 120 ECTS and students at EM Normandie must have finished their  first year and have obtained 60 ECTS.

At master level only students enrolled in the program International Business Administration, at Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Business and students enrolled in programs Diplôme de l’Ecole de Management de Normandie, can participate in the double degree program. MA students must have completed first year master’s level and get 60 ECTS but have and earned a degree in economics / business administration under national laws.

When do I have to study abroad?

Students of the Faculty of Business will have to study abroad in their third year and students from EM Normandie will have to spend their 2nd year in Cluj-Napoca. Masters students will have to study abroad in their second year. They will have to obtain a minimum of 60 ECTS from the partner university.

What happens to the diploma / dissertation?

The dissertation will be written  under the supervision of a professor at the University Babes -Bolyai University and a professor at EM Normandie.

How can I finance the program ?

Students can obtain an Erasmus scholarship to fund their study abroad year.

Are there any other fees ?

Students will keep their status during the stay at the partner university (tuition / tuition free) but there is the possibility that the partner university to impose other fees according to the national legislation.

When can I enroll in the dual degree program ?

Double degree program enrollments are made every year in December.

What are the disadvantages ?

In order to obtain the Bachelor/Masters degree from EM Normandie students must prove that they have spent a 5 Month work placement period.

What documents do I need ?

Students of the Faculty of Business:

Exchange students – Application Form 2013-2014 EM Normandie-France

Students of Ecole de Management de Normandie: