Jump Start by PwC

Jump Start by PwC

Traian Vuia’s journey

In the early 1900s, Romanian inventor Traian Vuia studies the issue of the first human flight and designs an aircraft, which he calls the “airplane – car”. Vuia presented his design at the Paris Academy of Sciences on February 16, 1903, but it was rejected with the following words ” flight problem with a device that weighs more than air can not be resolved and is only an illusion .”

He starts the construction by himself…

…On March 18, 1906, he has held his first flight attempt. After an acceleration of 50 meters, the machine leaves the ground at a height of one meter, travels a distance of about 12 meters and then lands.

Many newspapers of that time, in France, the U.S. and the UK, write about the one considered to be the first man to fly with a device that weighs more than air, equipped with its own systems for takeoff, landing and propulsion.

JumpStart to Trusted Business Advisor is a program initiated in 2011 by the team of integrated services for entrepreneurs (Private Company Services) of PwC Romania and training centre The Academy at PwC. The program is conducted in partnership with major universities in the country and addresses the most talented graduate students of faculties in economics and business. They have the opportunity to work in one of the PwC offices in Romania and to benefit from training and guidance for the development of knowledge and skills required for a consultant.

“What we’re looking at JumpStart  Trusted Business Advisor program participants is primarily an attitude of self-overcoming, accompanied by a practice oriented knowledge. What we wish all students: I strongly believe in your dreams. Your dreams will be fulfilled to the extent that you believe in them, but more than that, to the extent that you will work for their fulfillment. ” (Alexandru  Medelean, Director, Team Leader,  Integrated Service  for Entrepreneurs at PwC Romania and founder of the program)

PwC is the first professional services firm that has a dedicated team and an approach that provides integrated services to the Romanian entrepreneurs. Part of an internationally recognised network, the training center The Academy at PwC helps to raise standards in business education in Romania, offering professional qualifications and skills, helping the development of courses to meet current market requirements.

For more information about PwC activities in Romania visit www.pwc.ro.

Graduates who have started a career at PwC:

2016: Bogdan Floruta

2015: Anda Suta & Alexandru Nituica

2014: Maria Horvat

2013: Bogdan Dida, Business Administration (see CV)

2012: Cenan Andrada, Business Administration (see CV)

2011: Suciu Ionela, Business Administration