Dean’s Message

ioanalinnistorTransylvania Business School is the first higher education institution that offers studies in business profile of Romania was founded in 1994 with Nottingham Trent University, Athens University of Economics and Business and techinical University of Lisbon .

In more than 20 years Transylvania Business School has proven to be one of the most dynamic universities in Romania culminating in 2010 with the conferment of the title of the Faculty of the Year in Romania .

Transylvania Business School has already confirmed its usefulness to over 18,000 young people who launched the business world .

Transylvania Business School offers students the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in business , and the ability of continuous self-improvement . This is possible through two programs Bachelor of Business Administration ( in Romanian and English ) and Business Administration in Hospitality Services ( in Romanian and English ), and through four Masters of Business Administration , International Business Administration, Hospitality Management and Business Administration in International Hospitality and Tourism.

Economic and social life demonstrates that the specializations offered by our faculty have a search increasingly larger. Graduates and even our students are among those who find a job easily . For these reasons we are entitled to believe that the business orientation in general and especially for their management is a profession of the future.


Ioan-Alin NISTOR