Transylvania Business School, as part of Babes-Bolyai University – the largest and the most comprehensive university in Romania, provides a student-focused and multi-cultural learning environment. Creation of knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for professional success and the engagement with the business community in its educational and research activities are at the core of its mission.


The faculty is committed to active participation in academic and business challenges and to responsibility towards society and environment. Transylvania Business School promotes professionalism, a spirit of entrepreneurship, dynamism and innovation.


Transylvania Business School shares the institutional values of Babes-Bolyai University and embraces additional ones, specific to its field:

- Freedom of thought and expression: Transylvania Business School maintains independent judgement, avoids all conflicts of interest and is strongly committed to freedom of expression

- Ethical behaviour: Transylvania Business School is ethical in its behaviour, complying with the moral principles of honesty, integrity, fairness, equity, dignity, openness, respect of diversity and individual rights in relation to all its stakeholders.

- Respect for diversity: Transylvania Business School recognizes the value of diversity, respects individual goals and objectives, and encourages personal development beyond one’s narrow field of expertise.

- Responsibility towards society and natural environment: Transylvania Business School takes initiatives and engages in social and environmental matters and accepts accountability for its actions and behaviours.

- Partnership and teamwork: Transylvania Business School builds partnerships with academia and business and implicates in cooperation that foster trust, collaboration and respect of others, in an inter- and multi-cultural environment

- Being student centred: Transylvania Business School places students at the core of its educational mission and is committed to creating and maintaining an excellent relationship with them and to serving their best interest

- Innovation: Transylvania Business School strongly encourages innovation in its educational and research activities and tries to be one of the future makers in its field

- Dynamism: Transylvania Business School keeps peace with the rapid changes in the academic and business environment, by being pro-active and responding to changes, for the benefit of its students, staff and community in which it activates.

- A spirit of entrepreneurship: Transylvania Business School promotes a spirit of entrepreneurship among its staff and students

- Professionalism: Transylvania Business School pursues quality in its educational and research activities and strives to develop its knowledge, skills, and competence to better fulfil its educational and research responsibilities