8°International School,

Awareness and Responsibility of Environmental Risk

4 – 10 July 2016

Now in its eight edition, the School started in 2008 as a workshop.AW&RE cluj2016-

It is dedicated to graduate students and graduates in architecture, urban design, planning, engineering, geography, geology, sociology, as well as environmental and political science.

It is an opportunity to argue on design and environmental risk factors and their management through a project. While working on a case study, students will be guided and supported by an international and multidisciplinary team of experts and tutors.

Awareness shall not be left by knowledge aside. To analyze, elaborate, reason, decide and act, knowledge is an essential presupposition.

To know is to choose deliberately “how, where, why, for whom” we design, which allows us to understand the difference between relevant and irrelevant factors. It is the basis of any decision to be made in design process. We also have to make the solution understood, implemented and assumed by city managers.


The aim is to raise the awareness of design, management, and planning issues regarding territories vulnerable to environmental risks.

Case study

To design in Cluj-Napoca dual spaces that can increase resilience, decrease vulnerability and therefore reduce risk. The aim is to redefine evacuation points provided by the emergency management plan into dual spaces suitable for emergency as well as everyday life.

3rd Young Researchers’ Round Table

It is a conference and workshop for doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, and junior researchers designed as an open forum, where participants can discuss their interests, work, and plans.

There is not any thesis to agree or disagree with apart from general keywords of awareness, responsibility, environment, environmental risk, vulnerability, and resilience. There is no rigid formula but a space where young researchers who share a common future can meet.


All presentations are open to the public but for the workshops guest have to register in advance by sending a resume to Oana Pacurar, email: oana.pacurar@tbs.ubbcluj.ro.

Only 5 places are available! Upon graduation a certificate will be issued by the University Sassary, Italy.