Transylvania Business School is part of the Babes- Bolyai University of Cluj- Napoca, university with a long tradition that transcends borders of Europe. Transylvania Business School was founded in 1992, with the support of the European Union and organizational contribution of the Office of the Rector.

In 1992 , the School of Advanced Postgraduate Transylvania Business School worked in the Faculty of Economics. The initial goal was to offer a 2-year postgraduate training with a master’s degree graduates Affairs inAdministrarea other than economic specializations that were looking for a good training in business administration.

A significant contributor to the initiation and development of the project was brought to the prestigious Western universities ( Nottingham Trent University, Athens University of Economics and Business , Technical University of Lisbon) who provided support and experience in staff training faculty to obtain the necessary knowledge and use modern teaching methods based on a powerful and advanced information support . School development and diversification of the teaching activity was possible thanks to the experience and knowledge gained from close cooperation , both in the scientific and in the teaching of other universities . All these factors have contributed to a significant change in 1994 , in a higher education institution with the name of the faculty in the Babes -Bolyai University in Cluj- Napoca . Currently, she works at the college, masters and doctorate.

 The main idea behind the establishment of Transylvania Business School was the need orientation training program to practical demands of the business . For these reasons, the curriculum has been regularly updated in line with actual needs, using interactive methods that enhance student creativity and their ability to adjust to the constantly changing business environment .

The continuous development of Transylvania Business School has resulted in a growing number of students from 34 academic year 1995-1996 to about 2,200 in the academic year 2009 , students who were graduating ospecializare in Business Administration.

Transylvania Business School has received final accreditation for Business Administration by Government Decision no. 410/2002 on the structures and specializations accredited university . By the 2004-2005 academic year the program was held under the structure 4 +1 ( four years plus one year Masters degree ) . Because alignment Babes-Bolyai University of Bologna process implicitly and our faculty , starting with the 2005-2006 academic year , the program is conducted by the structure : 3 +2 +3 (three years plus two years master degree plus three years of doctoral). Transylvania Business School offers courses in the field of Business Administration degree in Business Administration and Business Administration in Hospitality Services and the Master’s in Business Administration and Hospitality Management .

Transylvania Business School prepares its students from a multiple perspective ( professional ethics, art, sports ) so they become good social actors competitive market of tomorrow. In this context , in our faculty conducts various projects and extracurricular activities conducted by the Student Association of Business ( ASB ), Tourism Marketing Circle Choir Ad Augusta football team and basketball team.