SMARTbiz 2014

SMARTbiz 2014 – Sustainable Business Models Summer School

“Development is about transforming the lives of people, not just transforming economies”

Joseph Stiglitz



General description

SMARTbiz 2014 is a summer school financed with the support of European Commission through the Erasmus Intensive Programme (Erasmus IP).


The overall objective of the project aims to blend the theoretical and practical aspects of business studies by organising a summer school with a multicultural character, involving students and teachers from France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Romania and Turkey.


  • 2 weeks of activities
  • 6 countries involved
  • 50 students
  • 14 teachers
  • 5 ECTS credits


Main topics:

  • Technology and Innovation
  • Human Capital
  • Marketing & CSR
  • Economic Trends & Financial Planning


Type of teaching activities

  • Lectures – 2 per day/ interactive, by encouraging students to participate by asking questions and resolving study cases, or answering to questions from the teachers
  • Workshops – 1 per day/ very practical/ work on teams to apply certain tools, to study, to solve study cases, to calculate, to solve problems
  • Roundtable debate – prepared by students/ chaired by teachers


Leisure activities

  • Day 1 – Business Networking Event – the event will be organized in a business room where there will be guests from companies and international business/ cultural clubs in Cluj-Napoca (Turkish club, Dutch club, British club, German Cultural Centre, French Cultural Centre). Formal
  • Day 3 – Intercultural Night – where the students from each country will present their country` s business customs.
  • Day 4 – Treasure Hunting – Cluj-Napoca by Night – city tour in a form of a treasure hunting with clues regarding the main touristic attractions in the city
  • 1st weekend – Visiting Cluj County – Cultural Activities: Visit to Turda Salt Mine in the Cluj-Napoca surroundings. In the night we will organize a movie night – 2-3 Romanian and City Tour and visiting churches and going to a Romanian cuisine restaurant
  • Day 7 – Cultural Activity – local artists concert – Romanian folk music
  • Day 10 – Closing Gala – a formal event gathering all the participants, teachers and representatives from partner companies