PwC Mini MBA

PwC Mini MBA

Babes-Bolyai University and PwC Romania present the following Mini-MBA Programme

The Value of Knowledge

What is PwC Mini MBA programme?

PwC Mini MBA training programme is focused on developing the most important business skills. The training course provides participants with a clear picture of organisations, their structure and management methodology. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge that has value and can be used in everyday business activities.

Who is it for?

The training course is intended for managers at all levels in all lines of service, owners of small and medium-sized enterprises and those who intend to start their own businesses. Managing an organisation or its segment requires specific and very often diverse business skills and knowledge. Therefore, it is very important that managers have the relevant knowledge on company’s operations and understanding of company’s strategy, human capital, marketing and other operational challenges. Business Acumen is crucial, especially in these rapidly changing times.

What do our participants say?

I highly recommend the PwC programme to managers who have already been through management, leadership and business awareness programmes and want to gain more knowledge based on specific concepts and instruments, or to develop skills by interacting with colleagues from different industries, building on various examples and case-studies towards a senior management level. Personally, this programme meant a revision of notions I already knew, but also an important addition through new notions and new perspectives, very useful in judging and making comprehensive and integrated managerial decisions.

Manager, Coca-Cola

Methods of training

PwC Mini MBA programme comprises nine related sessions designed to offer insight into successful business strategies in the modern world. In the course of these sessions, we will try to provide a systematic framework and clear structure of organisation management, which will help participants to apply the acquired knowledge in their own organisations.


18 days (112 training hours) and 2.5 hours for the final exam.

Lectures will be held on Fridays (18 -22h) and Saturdays (9-17h) both in Bucharest, at The Academy at PwC premises, and in Cluj-Napoca, at the Babes-Bolyai University.

Agenda & Topics

Our trainers

Our trainers are experienced local and international experts in various fields.

Constantine Kiritsis, PhD – lecturer at several MBA programmes in Europe

John Paul Kawalek, PhD, MBCS, CITP – Director of MBA programme at University of Sheffield

Eugene O’Curry – experienced management skills trainer and capacity building professional

Adrian Bunea – Director, Assurance Services within PwC Romania

Miro Smolovic, PMP – PwC’s Academy Serbia Leader

Edin Veljovic, MBA, MCMI – Senior Consultant, PwC Academy Serbia

Aleksandar Djukic – marketing and communications expert

More details about our trainers you can find in the Mini MBA brochure.


Lectures and materials are in English.


Registration deadline is  27 September, 2013.

For registration, to find out more about this programme or if you would like any additional information about our other courses, professional qualifications or tailored solutions, please contact us directly:

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