Organizing Committee

  • Smaranda COSMA

  • Adina NEGRUŞA

  • Crina PETRESCU

  • Liciniu KOVACS

  • Mihaela TUTUNEA

  • Valentin TOADER

  • Marius BOTA

  • Oana GICĂ

  • Anca Otilia DODESCU


  • Elena BOTEZAT

  • Olimpia BAN

  • Ioana POP COHUT

  • Monica Maria COROŞ

  • Veronica RUS

  • Aurelian SOFICĂ

The „Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry” Conference EHI’12 invites electronic submissions of full papers no later than the 1st of July, 2012.

Papers concerning theoretical and practical contributions to the hospitality industry are welcome.  


Conference Objectives

The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for presenting, exchanging information and discussing research outcomes and sharing experiences in the field of innovation in hospitality among academics, researchers and practitioners, consultants, industry experts, PhD students and any other categories interested in hospitality and tourism development all over the world. Academic research, post-doctoral research, PhD research, best practices, projects, relevant case studies and work-in-progress/posters are welcomed approaches.