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Administrarea Afacerilor in Servicii de Ospitalitate lb Engleza

Programme Overview

The Business Administration in Hospitality Services (teaching in English) is periodically evaluated by ARACIS for accreditation, the last authorization being obtained in 2014..

Tourism and hospitality are intricately linked with each other, but they do not overlap entirely.

Hospitality field focuses on restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, resorts, pubs, bars, even hospitals, and other institutions which deal with the hospitality industry. When people travel, eat out, stay in a hotel, go out to watch movies, and other similar activities, they receive hospitality services. Managing such activities in an establishment requires a manager to be flexible and be able to anticipate the needs of his clients. A manager in hospitality field must have good managerial skills, has to be able to manage staff, train employees, to set standards and guidelines, to have excellent customer service relations skills, to think quickly because is anticipating often upon the arrival of his guests and visitors.

Tourism deals with the marketing and management of different tourist facilities including destinations – hotels, convention centers, resorts, theme parks, government tourism divisions, cruises, airlines, transportation, food and lodging, and travel brokers.

Business Administration in Hospitality Services program is interactive, using teaching methods that enhance student creativity and their ability to adjust to the constantly changing business environment, is continually updated and strongly oriented according to the practical requirements of hospitality business and to the existing international educational trends.

Director’s foreword
As initiator of the hospitality business administration field in Romanian higher education, Transylvania Business School developed this academic program in response to the more and more internationalized business environment. Continuing to adapt, today we provide full- time bachelor hospitality studies entirely taught in English. If you are dynamic, love to travel and to interact with others, the Business Administration in Hospitality Services program is for you! Students enrolled in our Business Administration in Hospitality Services program are prepared by dedicated academics and hospitality experts to become professionals, possessing business knowledge, managerial skills and professional competencies, capable of obtaining entry level management positions in the hospitality industry.

Prof. dr. Smaranda Cosma, Coordinator of the Programe

Student profile

Graduates of Business Administration in Hospitality Services bachelor program can work as travel agent, guide, representatives of travel companies, can achieve management positions in restaurants, lodging, event planning, theme parks, resort clubs, cruise lines, casinos, they can be researcher for the tourism department.

Due to the knowledge and competences acquired within the Department of Business Administration in Hospitality Services, our graduates can obtain the Tourism Certificate (Brevetul de turism), and the Faculty of Business fully supports them for this purpose.

We offer full time and part time learning in Romanian and full time learning in English. The program is covered in 3 years (6 semesters).


Our business school organizes regular meetings to inform students on available internship opportunities or ways to apply for these programs.

Specific internship opportunities for the Business Administration In Hospitality Services program are regularly sent to the students by email. Students will also be able to participate in different events organized by companies and help on the premises of the business school.

A career center is available for students and helps them in their career search and helps them prepare for the labor market.

With the acquired knowledge and with the obtained necessary experience, the graduates of this program can work in the following fields:

  • Travel agency / Tour-operator manager
  • Food-serving unit manager
  • Lodging facility manager
  • Event manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Spa Center manager
  • Travel Agent
  • Marketing Responsible
  • Purchasing Office

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