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Business Administration

Programme Overview

Faculty of Business was founded in 1994 because in Romania there was a need for business studies. Since then, we have been one of the best business schools in the region due to the design of our Business Administration programmes. Our Bachelor in Business Administration is tailored after similar programmes from the best business schools in the world. In 25 years of running the Business Administration programme we have learned that students need to understand both the theoretical and practical issues of business. We do this by partnering up with the leading companies from Cluj-Napoca offering courses which were designed by the business environment.

Students learn the basics of Marketing, Management, Economics, Finance and Accounting allowing them to understand every issue related to the way that a company works. As Cluj-Napoca is the entrepreneurial capital of Romania we did not forget to introduce special courses which help students start their own business.

Director’s foreword
„When we introduced Business studies in Romania we were thinking of programme that would offer a world class education in one of the most exciting cities in Eastern Europe. We have combined the excellent teaching tradition of the biggest university in Romania with a modern business-applied approach. We have thus created one of the best Business Administration programmes in Eastern Europe which is internationally recognized. An employability rate of over 89% and students working all over the world are proof of the high-class education of the Business Administration programme.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ioan Alin Nistor, Faculty of Business

Student profile

Our programme attracts a wide range of people with diverse perspectives, cultures, opinions, and talents. The ideal candidates are high-school graduates that are looking towards a career in business. Thanks to the special design of our programme, students are able to work in multinational companies, in local companies but they can also start their own business.


Our business school organizes regular meetings to inform students on available internship opportunities or ways to apply for these programmes.

Specific internship opportunities for the Business Administration programme are regularly sent to the students by email. Students will also be able to participate in different events organized by companies and help on the premises of the business school.

A career centre is available for students and helps them in their career search and helps them prepare for the labour market.

With the acquired knowledge and with the obtained necessary experience, the graduates of this program can work in the following fields:

  • Financial analyst
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing specialist
  • Human resources specialist
  • Logistics specialist
  • Analyst

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Year I

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Year III

 General management 2018-2019

Leadership 2018-2019

Business Informatics 2018-2019

Microeconomics 2018-2019


Matematica aplicata in economie

Public finance

Statistica aplicata in business

Dreptul afacerilor

Bazele contabilitatii

 Principles of marketing 2018-2019

Corporate Finance 2018-2019

Environmental Economics 2018-2019

Business economics 2018-2019

Database Management Systems 2018-2019

Marketing research 2018-2019

MRU 2018-2019

Marketing and management Simulations 2018-2019

Matematici actuariale

Applied Accounting

Introducere in econometrie


Prelucrari statistice

Contabilitate manageriala

Piete financiare

Contabilitate financiara

Financial and actuarial math

 Business negotiations 2018-2019

E-Business 2018-2019

Researching developing new products 2018-2019

Internet Technologies for Business 2018-2019

Operations management 2018-2019

MRU 2018-2019

Customer relationship management 2018-2019

Business Information Systems 2018-2019

Intercultural management 2018-2019

Consumer behaviour 2018-2019

Entrepreneurship 2018-2019


Control si audit financiar

Evaluarea afacerii

Metodologia cercetarii

Fonduri de investitii

Analiza economica si financiara

Asigurari si reasigurari

Important Documents

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