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Administrarea Afacerilor Internationale

Programme Overview

International businesses have a growing need for senior personnel with high quality management skills and specialist regional knowledge. As Cluj-Napoca has become more and more important and has developed into an emerging region in Central and Eastern Europe, this MA International Business Administration responds to this need.

IBA is a two year program completely taught in English which provides the skills and mindset required for success in international business within a limited time frame.

We draw on our sound understanding of business practices and cultures to give students the fundamental skills necessary to help manage corporations in different international contexts.

Students will learn from experienced managers from multinational companies and from top lectures and will study the interplay between global and local factors that influence management decisions in business. The programme has a focus on Finance and Accounting but it offers a wide range of courses meeting the standards of the top international programmes.

Director’s foreword
„When introducing the MA in International Business Administration in our academic offer, we wanted to create the best MA programme in Business on the Romanian market. We focused on enhancing the learning experience of the students by introducing new modules that have never been offered. We have also introduced active teaching tools such as case studies, simulation games, consulting projects and debates which engage students in the learning process and encourage critical thinking. The programme is designed to follow the same structure as international MBA programmes. The lectures are interactive and delivered by experts from both the business environment and academia. We would have not succeeded without the support of our corporate partners, who interact with our students by offering lectures, trainings, internships and work placements.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dragos Paun, Coordinator of the Programme

Student profile

Our programme attracts a wide range of people with diverse perspectives, cultures, opinions, and talents. The ideal candidates are graduates that have a business / economics background and want to develop their knowledge / skills related to international business. We also welcome students from other backgrounds but these students must meet the basic requirements for studying in a business programme.

Internship / Career Opportunities

Our business school organizes regular meetings to inform students on available internship opportunities or ways to apply for these programmes.

Specific internship opportunities for the IBA programme are regularly sent to the students by email. Students will also be able to participate in different events organized by companies and help on the premises of the business school.

A career centre is available for students and helps them in their career search and helps them prepare for the labour market.

With the acquired knowledge and with the obtained necessary experience, the graduates of this program can work in the following fields:

  • Management analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Sales manager
  • International trader
  • Financial controller
  • Business development manager
  • Operations manager
  • Business analyst.
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