Conference main topics


  • EU and tourism: programs, projects, funding opportunities;

  • Sustainable development of tourism;

  • Tourism and economic development at regional and local level;

  • Entrepreneurial dimensions in tourism and economic growth;

  • Entrepreneurial challenges in tourism;

  • New venture creation in tourism;

  • Entrepreneurship policy and tourism;

  • Ecopreneurship and tourism;

  • Women entrepreneurship in tourism;

  • Social entrepreneurship, social innovation and tourism;

  • Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in tourism;

  • Economic impact upon tourism and hospitality industry;

  • Good practices in tourism governance, policy-making and management;

  • Education and training in tourism and hospitality;

  • Tour operator and travel agency relations in tourism;

  • Tourism Networks;

  • Innovation in tourism.


  • Hospitality marketing and branding strategies;

  • Marketing research and hospitality;

  • Human resources strategies for tourism and hospitality industry;

  • Financial management and financial feasibilities in the hospitality industry;

  • Hotel industry development and management;

  • Quality service strategies for the hospitality industry;

  • Restaurant and foodservice industry management;

  • Information technology development for the hospitality industry;

  • Accounting techniques in the hospitality industry.

 Types of Tourism

  • Leisure and entertainment industry;

  • Green hospitality;

  • Cultural and heritage tourism development;

  • Events management and planning;

  • Tourism policy and strategies for governments and cities/regions;

  • Rural tourism;

  • Tourism online;

  • Mobile-Tourism.


  • Work-in-progress;

  • Projects;

  • Best practices;

  • Relevant case studies etc.