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Double Degree

Double Degree

Why choose a double degree program?

You want international experience, but you want also a pragmatic outcome – a degree from each institution, combining two cultural approaches to the same field, helping you to perform better in both worlds (Romania and the Receiving country). Or you just like the idea of ”two in one” :) You are targeting a career at an international level. The professional opportunities, teaching methods, students and teacher's diversity help you to accelerate your multicultural skills development and integrate you into the global trends and markets.

You do have a specific professional interest and the receiving institution has classes and offers experiences that help you immerse yourself deeper into this fields and helps you to design your own developmental mix.

Our double degree partners are:

  • EM Normandie, France, Le Havre campus
  • FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Aachen campus
  • Department of Economics and Business, University of Sassari, Italy, Sassari campus

For more information, please check our brochure (click on the image below)