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Erasmus outgoing students

It is a great experience to go abroad for a semester

Excellent choice! Welcome to our study abroad page

It is a great experience to go abroad for a semester

Study a semester abroad and get valuable experience for your CV and memories for life.

Transylvania Business School offers students the possibility to spend at least 1 semester abroad! You will have the chance to meet new people and experience new cultures.

What do I need to know?!

Where can I go?

Transylvania Business School has exchange agreements with universities in and outside Europe through the Erasmus programme. You do not pay tuition when you study at an institution the business school has an exchange agreement with.

Have a look at our international partners and choose your next destination!

Practical information

All students have to study courses abroad that total 30 ECTS/semester


When you study abroad, the general rule is that you need to take courses that can substitute the courses you should have taken at Transylvania Business School during that semester or year.

Before you go, you must have a Learning Agreement that states which courses you will study abroad. This agreement needs to be signed by three parties:

    Yourself (the student)
    The departmental coordinator or institutional coordinator
    The receiving institution

If you live up to the Learning Agreement – that is, if you pass all the courses at the partner institution – the course credit for all courses will be recognized to your study programme at Transylvania Business School.

Finance - Studying abroad

Tuition fees are paid for when you study a semester at one of Transylvania Business Schools’ partner institutions. More so, you will have the chance to get a scholarship funded by the Erasmus+ Programme

Even though the actual education is free, there are still expenses related to living and studying abroad that might not be covered totally by the grant.

Once you have been selected to participated in an exchange mobility you could also be interested in the information provided the Centre for International Cooperations http://cci.ubbcluj.ro/erasmus/erasmus.php

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Important contacts

    Assoc. Prof. dr. Dragos Paun, Head of the International Relations Office
    Oana Pacurar, International Relations Officer