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Two main things convinced me to pursue a degree at Transylvania Business School: the knowledgeable and enthusiastic professors and the curriculum. I knew I was receiving a world-class education while being given the opportunity to participate in various c ...

Dora Vasilache

Sheridan Value Strategists Consulting

Ca student al Facultatii de Business, am apreciat foarte mult abordarea practica, diversitatea cursurilor si programelor, dar mai ales implicarea facultatii in parteneriate cu companii de profil la nivel national si international. De asemenea, cadrele d ...

Catalin Valeanu

Global Supply Chain Coordinator

I had the chance to study at the faculty of Business from 2014 to 2016 for my Master degree and I was more than pleased with what I had developed during those 2 years. These are several strong points: - The various subjects of the program (from M&A to In ...

Vincent Doare

Project Manager (Evozon)

I am proud to be an alumna of the Faculty of Business. Not only that I have received a good education from one of the most prestigious business schools in Romania, but also my time there was filled with life changing experiences I will never forget. The F ...

Daniela Pacurar

Regional Manager Eastern Europe and Russia, RIDGE Tool Company, EMERSON

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